Putting the fun in Fundraising

2nd year Ambassador Girl Scouts from troops 3512 and 621 are flocking yards throughout FishHawk and Channing Park in an effort to raise funds for their final Girl Scout trip. Europe beckons and what better way to reach it than unleashing the magical power of Flamingos to help get us there!

Help us earn our wings!


Flock Someone

We will make sure that a friendly flock land in their yard after 9pm and hang out there for almost 24 hours.

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Flocking Insurance

Want to make sure they never land in your yard? Do we have an offer you can't refuse, or what!

Don't land here!


Been flocked?

If you have been unwittingly flocked and want us to shoo these feathered party animals from your yard, just ask.

Make 'em gone!
  • Flocking is fun

    We all need more smiles in our lives. It has been an awful year. But what better way to bring smiles back to our neighborhood than an invasion of pink flamingos?

  • Smiles that outlast cookies!

    We've all gone down the cookie route in supporting girls scouts (with the pounds to show for it) but this is all about putting a smile on someone else's face.

  • Girl Scouts rock!

    Most of these young ladies has been in girl scouts since they were Daisies and their final trip will truly embark them on the greater journey into life.

Be Kind,  Rewind

Go back to the days when VHS reigned and Pink Flamingos were all the rage. It's a light-hearted return to kinder times and all in the name of sending local Girl Scouts on a once-in-a lifetime trip.

Are you ready to Flock Someone?

For a $25 donation, our scouts will pay a surprise visit to their front yard between 8:30 pm and 9:00 pm, with a flock of 12 to 24 flamingos in tow. We will spread some invisible flamingo food that keeps them in the yard for almost 24 hours and then pick them all up again in time for dinner, the next day.

All you do is make a secure donation through PayPal below along with the name and address of the person to be flocked and we will let you know our next available date.

It's that easy!

Flock someone for Christmas.

Address to be Flocked

Ready to make sure you don't get Flocked?

For a $50 donation, not only will we guarantee your yard is safe from flamingos, but we will email you a picture of the lucky flamingo that makes it to Paris with us.

Each flamingo is hoping that they get chosen to travel to Paris with us on our trip (except Frankie ... he hates flying). We will take pics on our trip and happily share a pic with you on our return.

It's an offer you can't refuse!

Go ahead and donate $50 with this button:

Don't flock this address!

Have you Been Flocked?

Perhaps you are Flamingophobic, or under scrutiny of a mean-spirited HOA spy, or maybe you just don't want the neighbors getting unduly jealous because you've suddenly sprouted a flock of flamingos in your front yard.

But whatever the reason, if you need them gone now just call us, message us, or email us and we will take them away straight away. They have to be home for dinner by 7 pm anyway, so it is no biggie.

Just let us know!

Sorry for any upset!